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For over 20 years Stoney’s has been serving award winning crab cakes in Calvert County, Maryland. Since opening we have been hailed:

"The best place for crabcakes"
- Best of the Bay
"Softball sized cakes, light on filling, with meat so fresh it tastes like a whole new food group"
- Coastal Living
"Best all around crabcakes"
- Washington Post

We have since grown to a family of three restaurants and continue to serve the best that the Washington D.C. area has to offer. Our menus do not stop with crab cakes but also offer a variety of steaks, seafoods, appetizers, and salads. Each location offers stunning views of the Chesapeake Bay and whether you are looking for an upscale dinner or a casual happy hour, you will find that Stoney’s is the place to go.

Check out our ever growing calendar of events under the "Calendar" tab above!

Bride to be?  The Point at Broomes Island boasts a stunning panoramic view of the Chesapeake.  Photos are available on our wedding website.

Doggie dining now available at all locations!  Come eat outside with your best friend!